Butterfly Dreams Editing Tutorial


Welcome to my first editing tutorial!!!

2017 marks the year I start really focusing on putting more content on my blog and really interacting with everyone who follows my work! I haven't had a photoshoot yet this year so in the meantime this video below is just a walk through of how I created the final image of Sierra. 

I have a photoshoot planned on the 7th (actually four photoshoots in one day), but it may rain so once I do that shoot I will have some awesome behind the scenes video and photos for a future blog post! 

I really want to give insight to my process for those who want to learn photography or simply just curious how I do it! 


Don't be discouraged if you are going at a slow pace!  I have been doing this for years now and am able to edit an image in about 45 seconds after doing it so much. You will get there I promise!!

One great thing I love about editing is finding a good workflow for your style. It's super important to have a style so you can separate yourself from all the other photographers out there!

So here is the final version of the photo (click to make bigger) and this has all of my color treatments on it and some slight retouching!

Below is the image straight out of camera, HUGE difference! I love the image below, but it didn't have the whimsical feel I was trying to achieve :)

So without further ado here is my first tutorial! Please leave comments below if you have any questions, want to suggest something, or want to see something else! I'll have a lot more of these posts soon to come with my workflow and tools I use in photoshop to produce my images! :)