I love working with an all girl team! 

Yes, I said it loud and proud! 


My favorite thing about being a photographer is getting a rad group of girls together to produce some awesome content! Gotta give a big shout out to this group of ladies who pulled this shoot off! 

We had planned to shoot at a super cool place in Malibu that is an old western town, but sadly when we arrived another production was going down. Instead of packing our bags and heading home, these girls were down to just wing it and find some cool spots! 

Pro tip: Just because something doesn't go as planned, doesn't mean you give up.

Of course I would have loved to shoot at that western town, but oh well! I'm still super stoked on how these images turned out! 

Credit to my babes:

Photographer: Me :)

Stylist: Liberty Padre

HMUA: Caitlin Eve

Assistant: Dom Romero 

Model: Tracy Kristine