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About Laci Havens 

Laci Havens is a wedding and fashion photographer living in Los Angeles, California. Originally from Tennessee, Laci moved to California to pursue her dream of becoming a photographer and in 2013 she obtained her BFA in Photography from Brooks Institute. Laci's style is a mix of daydreams and color that come to life to tell a story.

Laci photographs all of her weddings with her fiancé Thomas. Together they have been shooting together since 2013. They have a solid foundation together and know what it takes to make a wedding run smooth and capture beautiful moments! Their style is a photojournalistic approach, but they know when to step in and pose a photo for the perfect moment. To see more of Thomas' work click here. Interested in having video for you wedding day? Ask us about that! 

Wedding packages start at $2700.

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