What Not To Ask A Photographer...

So I'm writing today because I receive a lot of DMs on Instagram about what gear I use....

Hold the phone

It's not the equipment that make a good photograph, however it definitely helps. The artist and their talent and skill is what create the work. 

Side story: I just got a banjo for Christmas from my awesome boyfriend, but does that mean I can just pick it up and know how to play it like Steve Martin? OMG, I wish! NO.... I have to work hard and finger pick until I just can't even anymore, haha. Same with a camera! Educating yourself is key. It's like wearing a Nirvana shirt when you only know their top hits. Don't be a poser. ;)

I always receive messages saying, "your work is so great" ... "you truly are an artist"...

Then the question about my gear comes.. case and point:




Sorry if I may come off as rude, but my profession seems like a dying breed with all of the social media and "Instagram photographers". I mean come on if Brooklyn Beckham can book a huge campaign without a lick of education where do I stand? Oy! 


If you really love someones work why can't you just appreciate it without trying to imitate? 

My advice to any emerging photographer is to actually educate themselves on how to take good quality photos and develop your own style! Putting your head down and working hard is always more admirable than buying the top of the line equipment and calling your self Annie Leibovitz. I plan on doing a post showing what gear I use and how I use, but that's up to me! I worked hard through college to gain my BFA in photography and it spoils the milk when someone thinks the camera just does the work. To be honest I shoot with an older body and it's not the newest thing on the market, but it does the job and that's all that matters! 

Ok, I feel much better after this rant! Now to leave you with some help on your way (instead of just brow beating you) here are some good resources to get started on your journey to becoming a photographer! 



"Lynda.com is a leading online learning platform that helps anyone learn business, software, technology and creative skills to achieve personal and professional goals." This is a great site for trying to learn photoshop tips and tricks and general use of the gnarly application. Be advised you do have to pay for this one, so maybe don't use this for just starting out. If you are well into photography and want to take it up a notch with bad ass photoshop skills go here! 


This is a GREAT resource for learning anything and everything. Check out my girl Jessica's channel to learn a ton! Also keep an eye out in September for when a video drops featuring me!  Also be prepared for endless hours on youtube finding new people to watch. Seriously so much great content on youtube for any subject you're interested in! 


Just start with these two sites and see what you can learn and go from there! I challenge you to take some photos based on the knowledge you learn and see what you can come up with! Also this isn't a paid post to sponsor Lynda.com or Youtube, I just really believe and trust in these two amazing sites and know you can gain so many skills from it! 

Also check back here soon for more blog posts, tips and tricks, and editing tutorials coming your way! Also ignore the #grammererrors. I'm an artist not an English major. ;)



Pro tip: If you really want to know what gear someone uses without asking them do a little snooping! Look at their blog, check their IG comments, and look at their BTS photos they post. Most of the time you can find your answer without having to ask. ;)